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Fighting for us


As a community advocate, Alex works to help our district get the support we deserve. Alex is ready to go to Tallahassee to fight for us, by working to bring good jobs to our area, quality healthcare, and stand up to Tallahassee Republicans who work for special interests instead of us.

Alex Barrio's Vision for District 43

Living Wage Jobs

Working families are struggling, which is why Alex will fight to create an economy that works for everyone. He will fight to raise the minimum wage and bring quality, middle-class jobs to our community.

Healthy Families

Alex will fight to ensure our families have access to quality, affordable healthcare. Creating a system that puts people over profits, and families ahead of special interests.

Affordable Housing

It’s past time politicians take our affordable housing crisis seriously. As a community advocate, Alex has worked to ensure everyone in our community has access to a safe, affordable place they can call home.

When They Deny Our Rights

Alex Barrio Fights Back

Helping Hurricane Maria Victims

When hundreds of thousands of people fled to Florida following Hurricane Maria, FEMA under Trump refused to give the support we needed. Alex Barrio worked to extend FEMA assistance to help displaced Puerto Ricans get the support they needed.

Standing Up For Immigrants

When Florida law denied admission to the Florida Bar because of immigration status, Alex Barrio fought back, working with Democrats and Republicans in the State Senate to pass a bill that would allow immigrants to practice their passion and become attorneys.

Protecting Voting Rights

As a Senate Legislative Analyst, Alex pushed back on voter suppression by helping to pass laws that expanded early voting hours and locations.


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